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Current Data

We're constantly adding new data to our knowledge graph, improving your resources every day.

  • Phone Number Owner
  • Person's Household Zip Code (includes city and state)
  • Person's Household Estimated Income
  • Person's Household Estimated Value
  • Phone Number Carrier
  • Phone Number Type (Mobile, VOIP, Landline)

Common Uses

Organizations use this data in a wide variety of ways, both internally and as a part of their services.

  • Lead Scoring and Routing
  • CRM Enrichment
  • Advertising Segmentation
  • Research and Studies

True Evolving Intelligence

We employ the latest advancements with dozens of systems collecting data, processing it, training AI, and finally adding it to our knowledge graph.

This results in our data improving hundreds of times a day, ensuring you have access to the best data available.

{ "data": { "phoneAccount": { "type": "mobile", "carrier": "TMOBILE USA INC.", "person": { "residence": { "value": 353100, "income": 75486, "location": { "zipCode": "60631" } } } } } }

Use the API or Browser Interface

Our powerful web platform and our modern GraphQL API are at your disposal, making it easy incorporate HazelBase data with either a web browser or software interface.

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